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Building mastery is what we do


We train busy professionals in the skills that matter. We combine extensive scholarship with decades of practice into every engagement.
Leadership in Complexity
Leaders are in charge but are not in control. From that stance, we teach leaders to take their experience seriously and to build their practical judgement for the always unique social encounters they experience as leaders in organisations.
The Influential Presenter
Own the room, move the crowd, and make things happen. Magnetic charisma can be taught and practiced. We teach presenters and story-tellers how to design and deliver their messages to win the hearts, minds, bids and pitches that matter.
Facilitation Skills for Leaders
Facilitation is the 21st-century skill for leaders. With collaborative group work the norm and most teams working cross-functionally, leaders are always working with groups. We teach the glorious craft of facilitation to organisational leaders who want to be equipped for the future of work.
Sales Craft Mastery
We help salespeople have a job for life. The machines can deliver content, but talented sales professionals will always do context better than bots. We teach the disciplines, habits, rhythms and routines that the best sales teams maintain to ensure their clients are glad they called.
Innovation and Change
Making new things happen in the enterprise is never easy. To whatever flavour of innovation design technique or change management method you're driving we teach the necessary political skills to intelligently provoke your stakeholders and embed the new ways of working.
Some say it's mental toughness. Some say it's grit. We say connected and flexible. We teach resilience informed from a biological stance so learners develop the options on what to do and the relationships to help them do it.


We guide and grow groups to high performance. Strategic planning, team dynamics, annual kick-off, or the whole company conference.
Group dynamics
It may or may not be a team, but it is definitely a group. We help groups become high performing teams by paying attention to and working with the interpersonal knots and unproductive patterns that show up in group life. It is not therapy but is often therapeutic.
Strategic Facilitation
Harness energy, direct attention and marshall action to ensure the outcome gets delivered. For complex groups, or complex problems we provide the focus, direction, and drive to make it happen on the day.
Team Simulations
Challenge your team with one of our unique simulations to test teamwork, collaboration, silos, commercial acumen. These immersive experiences captivate your team and surface insights in a fresh novel way.
Conferences & Events
Lights down. Curtains up. Phones off. Game on. Blending the craft of hosting with facilitation at scale, we draw large groups and big conference programs together into a coherent weave. Your audience engage with each other and the essential messages and leave the room connected and inspired.
Large Room Learning
Big groups learning at scale needs the control and flair we have honed for more than 20 years. Logistics meet performance when we deliver training and skill acquisition sessions at conference-scale events.
Social Network Analysis
The formal structure is the organisation chart. The informal structure is the network of relationships that show how things really get done. Make this visual and understand how information travels in your team with social network analysis. Quick, real-time answers to how the team is working together right now.

Our Adaptability

We educate wherever you need us

In person

Two, twenty, two-hundred or two thousand—we work with groups on all scales. Workshops, conferences, roadshows and events—we blend your context, our content, and a well-honed instinct for group dynamics of all sizes. Hotels, warehouses, surf clubs, farms, yachts, living rooms, and lighthouses—we work anywhere too.


The best of both worlds combines the energy of live events with the scaled pragmatism of digital learning. A kick-off session live at your conference connected to virtual classrooms and cohort-based online sessions help the new skills stick.